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ArlingtonCommentary: A favorite gathering spot

Commentary: A favorite gathering spot

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The scoring area, either outside or inside, always is the favorite gathering spot at high-school golf tournaments.

Everyone involved in the competition eventually ends up there – players, coaches, tournament officials, those collecting and displaying the scores, parents of players, spectators, and sometimes anyone else who happens to be around.

The reason? All of the individual and team scores are tabulated and posted in that area for all to see and analyze. All involved want to view those scores, then often make comments about those results, which often become discussions.

As more players finish their rounds, the crowd gets larger at that gathering area. Those in that spot then tend to hang around until all are finished and the tournament awards are announced and handed out, most often in that same vicinity.


Once awards are given and various individual and team pictures are taken in that area, as well.

Many details about the players’ and teams’ rounds of golf can be learned in that spot by just listening and watching.

One such gathering took place inside the clubhouse at Laurel Hill Golf Club recently for the initial 18-hole Don Roth Warhawk Invitational, which was hosted by the Madison High School team. At one point near the end of play, dozens were gathered in that favorite spot.

By listening, it was learned that the 291 team score recorded by the third-place Yorktown High School team was its lowest 18-hole tournament total in many years, maybe ever.

Also overheard was that two of the best players for the second-place Langley Saxons team did not participate. Had they played, Langley’s runner-up total of 287 could have been lower, challenging for the title.

That favorite gathering spot provides much important information.

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