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ArlingtonCartoonist's work comes with out-of-this-world perspective

Cartoonist’s work comes with out-of-this-world perspective

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Arlington photographer/cartoonist Jake McGuire is giving away free, signed reprints from his new book “Cartoons Too Funny For The New Yorker” at a table by the Starbucks at the Virginia Square Metro station on Sunday mornings from 8 to 9 a.m. during August.

This cartoon selected as the first of his signed giveaway reprints has an Irish theme, so McGuire is calling on all his fellow Irish in the area to stop by and get a copy.

“If you or someone in your family went to a school with a saint’s name (St. Agnes, St. Thomas More), or a bishop’s name, like Bishop O’Connell or Bishop Ireton, then this cartoon is for you and your classmates,” he said.

“My Irish-themed prints also make fun gifts for priests, nuns and Irish relatives back on the Emerald Isle,” McGuire said. “And for all the Bobs in the family: husbands, uncles, brothers, sons or nephews.” (Additional free prints will be rolled out on a weekly basis.)


McGuire is using his free cartoon giveaway not only as neighborly karma but as a way of promoting his book on Amazon. The 51-page tome retails for $12.50 at the online seller; a separate version, designed for the West Coast reader, also is available.

Why a book of aliens? McGuire tried his luck at drawing political cartoons, but all the Pinocchio noses ran off the edges of the paper, he joked.

“So I switched to aliens, which are knee-slapping fun,” he said.

“Humor is the juxtaposition between reality and non-reality, so I can do so much with aliens talking like humans,” McGuire said. “Aliens can have four eyes or six arms, and if anyone says ‘they don’t look like that,’ you can reply, ‘What planet are you from?’”

McGuire’s book features a forward from George Washington University professor Scott Sklar, who is also president of the Ashton Heights Civic Association.

“Born in New York City, I grew up enjoying New Yorker cartoons for many decades,” Sklar said. “I believe McGuire’s cartoons are, indeed, too edgy and too funny for the New Yorker, hence the title of this book. Most of his cartoons are out of this world – and in fact, a unique look at our world from an interstellar perspective.”

McGuire plans to do a different cartoon give-away each Sunday morning in August, and may extend it into the autumn.

In addition to his targeting the general public, McGuire sees an opportunity with his framed cartoons as wall art for cafés, Irish pubs and even French restaurants. McGuire notes his mother was French/Alsatian, just like Jacques Haeringer of the L’Auberge Chez Francois, so he dropped off a cartoon for Haeringer at his Great Falls restaurant to see if he would be interested.

McGuire, who comes from a family of artists and architects, has a dozen coffee-table books to his credit.

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