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Monday, September 20, 2021

Scott McCaffrey

Advocate makes full-court press for museum expansion

Over the course of more than 30 years in elected office, Frank O’Leary had a reputation for calling ’em as he saw ’em and letting the chips fall where they may. And now, in retirement, the former Arlington treasurer is...

Election officials gear up for precinct changes

Whenever the day comes – and for now that remains a work in progress – Arlington election officials say they will be ready to start re-drawing local precinct lines for elections in 2022 and beyond. But for now, local election...

Editor’s Notebook: A question for Arlington School Board candidates

The Arlington branch of the NAACP tonight holds its annual candidate forum, and among those participating will be contenders for School Board. The moderator – Wilma Jones Kilgo – is a seasoned pro at this and certainly needs no help...

Former USS Arlington skipper praises namesake community

The U.S. Navy officer who until last month commanded the USS Arlington says the relationship between the ship and its namesake community is strong. “It’s wonderful having that connection – it energizes the crew. We talk about the community that...

Arlington candidates do battle over environment at forum

Is the Arlington County government an ardent champion and regional – nay, national – leader on environmental issues? Or is it a poseur who likes to take credit but seldom accomplishes much of substance? The answer, as most times when given...

Editor’s Notebook: We have been here a looooooooong time

I have been with the Sun Gazette for years, but no matter how lengthy my tenure, I remain a rookie compared to Dave Facinoli, our sports editor. Dave already was a fixture when I first arrived, and before that...

Arlington sees plethora of applicants for polling-place posts

It’s the type of problem many election officials across the country would like to have – Arlington has too many people wanting to serve as poll officials in the upcoming election. Way, way too many. About 440 are needed and more...

Tax man cometh for your plastic bags

File this in the folder marked “when it comes to life’s two certainties, there may be a million ways to die, but there are a million and one ways to tax you.” Arlington County Board members later this week are...

Vienna extends COVID state of emergency through December

Citing an ongoing state of emergency because of the pandemic, Vienna Town Council members on Sept. 13 agreed to readopt and extend the town’s continuity-of-government ordinance through Dec. 31. Under the ordinance, town staff developed and implemented meeting procedures to...

Candidate: Debate format allowed for little enlightenment

Due in large part to the number of races and candidates involved, the Sept. 14 Arlington County Civic Federation candidate forum proved the political equivalent of speed-dating, with candidates given limited time (often just 60 seconds) to answer questions. To...

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Oakton Now 4-0; Marshall wins in OT

The latest and most significant victory so far this season for the undefeated Oakton Cougars (4-0) came the night...
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