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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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‘Old School’ column: Auld lang ’zine

I’m told these days there are things called e-zines, as in emailed magazines.

Letter: Fairfax supervisors prioritize politics over health

Editor: Two weeks ago, my wife and I were visiting family in Springfield on our most recent visit to your beautiful area. We noted several times while at restaurants, shopping or in the hotel, the lower percentage of people wearing...

Letter: School bond is targeted for specific, real needs

Editor: Many people may be wondering why Arlington Public Schools is seeking a school-bond referendum this year, in particular with the challenging times many have faced in our community and certainly school being a large part of that for...

Letter: McAuliffe will build on Virginia progress

Editor: As a high-school senior, I’m beyond excited to be able to cast my first-ever ballot for former and future governor Terry McAuliffe. For me, the choice is quite clear – we can either continue the progress we’ve made since...

Letter: Youngkin is not leveling with Virginia voters

Editor: Fifty years ago, long before the poet Maya Angelou used these words, my mother said to me: When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. Those words were good advice to a young woman. They...

Letter: Arlington needs more wholesale changes to election process

Editor: In your Sept. 30 editorial, you called for the voters to deliver divided government, saying that it works better when neither Democrats nor Republicans control all of the levers of power, that “Virginia government works best when the...

Synetic’s return features salutes to master of macabre

It’s been a pretty macabre year and a half, so it’s perhaps fitting that Synetic Theater returns to indoor performances for the first time since the onset of the pandemic with a celebration of that master of the macabre – Edgar Allan Poe.

‘Old School’ column: A museum tale

I recently had a conversation with Arlingtonian Jan Burns, my friend for 30-plus years.

Letter: Youngkin will not define himself to electorate

Editor: After two debates, does anyone have any idea what Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee for governor, stands for? With less than a month before the election, all Youngkin has presented is a lot of platitudes and dog whistles (language...

Letter: Partisan editorials do not fit character of Vienna

Editor: As a resident of the Town of Vienna, I find the editorials in the Sun Gazette overly partisan and detrimental to the interests of the residents of our town. Vienna is largely an apolitical town. Elections for mayor and...

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New Hunter Mill Road bridge to take another step forward

Fairfax County supervisors on Oct. 19 were slated to give the go-ahead for a project-administration agreement with the Virginia...
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