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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Letter: Platitudes, denials won’t help Barcroft Apartments residents

Editor: Regarding “Local Leaders Deny Tenants Will Be Forced Out at Barcroft” , it’s worth noting that no Arlington County Board member attended the May 12 rally in support of residents of the Barcroft Apartments. Without speaking directly to Barcroft...

Letter: Time has come to implement Missing Middle strategy

Editor: The Arlington County government recently released its Missing Middle Draft Framework, based on nearly two years of formal community feedback. The proposal would benefit residents in three key ways. • Missing Middle would make Arlington and the region more...

W-L boys win Liberty soccer tourney

ith the Washington-Liberty Generals hosting the championship match of the Liberty District boys soccer tournament, head coach Jimmy Carrasquillo expressed some pre-game concerns.

Letter: Partisan politics should have no place in Governing Board election

Editor: I am a candidate for the McLean Community Center Governing Board. I am running non-partisan. Little did I know what I was getting into when I decided to run. I put myself forward as a candidate initially because I...

Letter: Increased urbanization comes with major costs

Editor: Geographically speaking, Arlington is a small county. Why this urge to cram more people in? All the things that make it so livable will change when you try to increase the population by half. There will be major repercussions. Can...

CAPPIES: Mom/daughter switcheroo scores success at Langley

“Freaky Friday” has had its fair share of incarnations.

Letter: ‘Missing Middle’ housing needs to focus on home-ownership

Editor: The County Board seems hell-bent on creating a persistent renter class in Arlington, forever unable to purchase their own homes and perpetuating the sad legacy of inequity. This is the real insidiousness of “Missing Middle.” All of us who...

Letter: Party politics has no place in Governing Board election

Editor: We the undersigned write in response to recent coverage in the Sun Gazette regarding the McLean Community Center. At some point in time, all of us have been involved in the community spirit represented by the McLean Community...

Letter: MCA election shouldn’t be ideological battle

Editor: As residents of McLean since 1976, we find it sad and very disappointing that some people are using a letter to the editor of the Sun Gazette for unnecessary divisiveness to satisfy some ideological agenda. Just as critical...

CAPPIES: Energy, talent fuel TJ production

A girl, far smarter than her family, is stuck in a school run by a violent and vengeful headmistress. Yet she manages to influence her school, her teacher, and her flawless ensemble of classmates.

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PHOTOS: Liberty District soccer showdown!

The Washington-Liberty Generals squared off against the Yorktown Patriots in the girls-championship game of the 2022 Liberty District soccer...
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