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Friday, July 23, 2021

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‘Old School’ column: Daytime fun!

We recently reminisced about what we did on summer evenings, but what about those hot summer days?

Letter: Take personal action to address environmental issues

Editor: During August recess, as members of Congress are available in their districts, we should all ask that they look around and see the ways climate change is impacting our community and country. I care about our changing climate because...

Letter: Bolder action needed to address changing environment

Editor: After a trying year and a half, we’re enjoying a magical summer here in Northern Virginia, reveling in simple joys like school vacation, swimming pools and sunshine. Though the virus still lurks in the shadows, we’ve eagerly ripped...

Editor: Biden is bringing respect back to presidency

Editor: This is response to Dudley Losselyong . • It is interesting that some support bringing Afghan Muslims who helped the U.S. military into the U.S. on compassionate grounds while cruelly supporting the separation of children from families and housing...

New purchase augments Park Authority holdings

Park acreage in Fairfax County continues to grow with the acquisition of more than six acres of land adjacent to Grist Mill Park. The Fairfax County Park Authority purchased 6.6633 acres of land from the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association of...

‘Old School’ column: Evenings of fun

Remember those summer evenings after we bolted down supper to get back to our work: playing?

Letter: Biden is taking us back to the bad old days

Editor: This is in response to letter-writer Bob Leggett . I will grant him that President Trump’s personality and tweets could be difficult to deal with and accept. But let’s circle back on a few of the issues that the...

‘Old School’ column: Tuned in!

All of us have memories of our “firsts”: our first kiss, our first love, our first job, etc. A happy memory of mine is the day we got our first TV, in 1955.

Overlee wins all-Arlington showdown

The Overlee Flying Fish defeated the Donaldson Run Thunderbolts in a rare all-Arlington matchup in the Northern Virginia Swimming League. Overlee won, 236-184, on July 3, keeping the Flying Fish tied for first with the Tuckahoe Tigers at 3-0 in Division 1.

‘Old School’ column: May the 4th be with you

I’d like to say I loved the 4th of July as a kid because I was a patriot at heart and revered the significance of the occasion.

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Falling short in court, preservationists look to legislature

Having failed in a Hail Mary court challenge to force preservation of the land surrounding the razed Rouse estate...
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