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Thursday, December 1, 2022

For the Sun Gazette

Letter: Speed cameras save lives and should be embraced

Editor: I live in Fort Washington, Md. I know speed cameras save lives here and I believe they will in Northern Virginia, too . Residents in south Prince George’s County worked hard to get speed cameras on Maryland Route 210,...

Remembrance: Eisenberg was pivotal in several key arenas

Former Arlington County Board member Chris Zimmerman, whose time in office coincided with the last few years on the County Board of the late Albert Eisenberg, recently penned a remembrance of his colleague, pointing to a number of key areas where he made a difference.

CAPPIES: Oakton flips ‘Peter Pan’ story, focuses on Wendy

What happens when the damsel in distress becomes the hero? Oakton High School answered this question by beautifully capturing Wendy Darling’s side of the story in its production of “Wendy and Peter Pan.”

CAPPIES: Madison thespians serve up creative take on Shakespeare

In a show full of deception and drama, there’s one thing to be sure of: the ado about James Madison’s production of “Much Ado About Nothing” definitely isn’t about nothing!

Letter: ‘Voters have spoken: We want Missing Middle’

Editor: The recently concluded Arlington County Board election was billed as a referendum on Missing Middle housing policies, which surged to become the most dominant and divisive issue in a county election since the streetcar eight years ago. The results...

Letter: Election results show Arlington embraces Missing Middle

Editor: Many have stated that this year’s Arlington County Board election was serving as a proxy vote for Missing Middle housing. The results are clear: Arlington voters overwhelmingly support Missing Middle housing. County Board member Matt de Ferranti, who takes...

Letter: County Board being hypocritical on housing

Editor: If the Arlington County Board is so concerned about affordable housing, as it claims to be, why did its members approve the plan for 40 $2-million-dollar homes on the old Rouse estate? Why didn’t they require Toll Brothers...

Fairfax History, 11/10/22 edition

News that was making news in years gone by. November 12, 1856: •• A new locomotive traveled along rail lines from Alexandria to the Long Bridge and back during trials. November 12, 1936: •• Fairfax PTA officials are urging that all teachers receive...

Letter: Sutton has best skill set for School Board service

Editor: Your endorsement of James Vell Rives IV for Arlington School Board failed to mention several key points. Of the two School Board candidates, Bethany Sutton has significantly more experience in education than Rives. For over a decade, Sutton has...

Letter: Theo is candidate to move transportation, mobility to next level

Editor: Adam Theo will be the champion we need on the Arlington County Board for a safer and more sustainable transportation system. Transportation is an important issue in Arlington: Just this year, in two separate crashes, women were killed crossing...

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It was an aggressive campaign, though in the end one that didn’t put much of a dent in the...
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