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Tuesday, March 21, 2023


‘Old School’: City life

by CAROL McEWEN, for the Sun Gazette I remember being proud, as I grew up, that I lived in a city, instead of being a farm kid from “the sticks.” (Keep in mind this “city” had 20,000 residents – and...

Editorial: Miranda Turner for Arlington School Board

There is a scene in the classic 1970s comedy “Smokey and the Bandit” in which Sheriff Buford T. Justice (played by the incomparable Jackie Gleason) stumbles upon a group of young Georgia car thieves on the side of the...

Commentary: Move forward in support of DREAMers

Joussell Lopez shares a lived experience with millions of immigrants in the U.S. who have found roadblocks instead of green lights.

Letter: Hold politicians accountable for APS failures

Editor: Add my voice to the chorus of constituents that are disappointed and angry about how the Arlington government has proceeded with school openings these last couple months. There is no good reason that our kids cannot be in school...

Letter: Sidewalks are not a safety panacea

Editor: I read with interest your recent coverage of the sidewalk controversy that has erupted in Vienna. While some may feel sidewalks are a “no brainer,” anecdotal evidence suggests that many pedestrians in Northern Virginia will ignore sidewalks, even when...

Old-School column: Penny for your thoughts

Back in the 1950s, a penny bought more than thoughts. It bought CANDY – several pieces, as a matter of fact. And a nickel’s worth filled the bottom of a small brown sack, about an inch deep.

Editorial: Do Va. leaders hate student achievement?

One has to wonder, at this point, if state leaders are purposely trying to push as many parents to abandon public schools as humanly possible. Latest example: The Virginia Department of Education is starting to mull getting rid of “advanced”...

Old-School column: All abuzz!

Soon, the hills will be alive with the sound of music, as Julie Andrews sang.

Women’s Political Caucus back challengers in 45th, 49th

The National Women’s Political Caucus of Virginia has endorsed two challengers in local legislative races that will be decided in the upcoming Democratic primary. The organization is backing Karishma Mehta, who is challenging Del. Alfonso Lopez (D-Arlington-Fairfax) in the 49th...

Editorial: ‘A needless waste’ comes to its conclusion

Arlington County Board members on Saturday stuck a fork in it and declared the battle over preservation of the Rouse (Febrey-Lothrop) estate over. Board members said that, with the buildings on the 9.5-acre parcel now rubble after the owner razed...
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New School Board member receives liaison assignments

New Arlington School Board member Bethany Sutton has her assignments. School Board members on Feb. 2 are expected to approve...
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