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Editorial: Voters, please deliver us divided government

As we move into the heart of election season, here’s a friendly reminder from the Sun Gazette editorial-page team to the voters of Virginia. There are three possibilities when it comes to state-level governance: • Democrats control the levers of both...

Letter: Arlington must adopt resident-curator program

Editor: The owner of the unique, historic 1889 Fellows-McGrath home at 6404 Washington Blvd. has received approval from the Arlington County government to demolish this magnificent Victorian home and subdivide the lot for two mega-mansions. Fast on the heels of...

Letter: Arlington logo makes county look like afterthought

Editor: The new Arlington logo selected by the County Board was my absolute least favorite of the options. I wonder if there is an appropriate accompanying slogan, like “Arlington: We Make D.C. Square Again,” or “Arlington: D.C.’s Grown-up Child Who...

Letter: Arlington logo inclusive in way previous one never was

Editor: As two people who were involved at the inception of Arlington’s soon-to-be-retired county logo (one in favor, one not-so-much), we want to commend the county on making a wise choice in the new logo. Emphasizing Arlington’s unique geography conveys...

‘Old School’ column: Wedding bliss

If you’ve ever been married or had someone in your immediate family get married, you know the havoc a wedding causes. Our family was no exception.

Endorsement: Mary Kadera for Arlington School Board

When she launched her bid for office lo those many months ago, we had high hopes for Mary Kadera. She seemed both willing to take on the status quo within the frequently leadership-starved School Board, and to understand what...

Letter: Historic parcel has Civil War secrets to reveal

Editor: I have followed with curiosity and sadness the unsuccessful efforts to preserve the historic Febrey-Lothrop-Rouse home on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington. As is usually the case in Arlington, developers win, and Arlington’s slender inventory of historic properties is further...

Letter: Institutional support of sex abuse needs to end

Editor: The failures of both USA Gymnastics and the FBI to appropriately address the sexual offenses of Larry Nassar enabled his crimes. This is institutional abuse, and it is not a new story. Organizations routinely side with employees and people...

Letter: Progressives are actually impeding progress in Virginia

Editor: A clear difference once existed between Maryland and Virginia. Virginia had lower taxes, was more business-friendly and was less intrusive. With progressives in control, Virginia has progressively declined. We have the choice to halt or hurry that decline. We can...

Letter: Arlington leaders use Richmond as excuse for inaction

Editor: During the Arlington County Civic Federation debate, County Board member Takis Karantonis claimed the County Board is “waiting for Richmond” to grant additional “jurisdiction” to improve environmental conditions in Arlington. What Karantonis doesn’t say is that there are already...
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Letter: Del. Simon lives his values, aids his community

Editor: In your Oct. 21 Fairfax legislative-races endorsements, you claim that the Del. Marcus Simon (D-53rd) is “disconnected from...
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