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Letter: Wave of the future is ranked-choice voting

Editor: In an era of extreme partisanship and polarization, there’s one common denominator between the two parties. Both want to use ranked-choice voting, a ballot change that lets a voter rank the candidates. It works through a series of eliminations...

Letter: Cicadas play vital role in ecosystem

Editor: For the past year, there have been many ominous whispers of the Brood X cicadas coming. The message of the havoc wreaked on young trees and shrubs, and the month of constant shrill buzzing has sent home an...

Letter: Arlington officials had no interest in saving estate

Editor: Did anyone really expect the Arlington County Board to save the Febrey-Lothrop (Rouse) estate? County Board members looked at the site and saw dollar signs. A developer will put $2-million-dollar homes there and the county government will gain in...

Letter: Turner will hold school system accountable

Editor: While I’ve been involved with Democratic politics in Arlington, I’ve seen first-hand how incredibly important strong academics and access to equitable education can be for students. Why do I support Miranda Turner for School Board? She believes students’ experiences,...

‘Old School’ column: Economy boost

by CAROL McEWEN, for the Sun Gazette I have an idea to bolster our faltering economy, which I intend to send to our president any day now. The solution? Bring back the custom of buying little girls new Easter outfits, like...

Editorial: ‘The absolute worst job in politics’

We had an editorial a month or so ago, wondering aloud if there would come a time when Democrats could find no takers willing to run for School Board in Arlington. Their field for the upcoming caucus is actually two...

Letter: Most Arlington elementary-school students being short-changed

Editor: Arlington Public Schools has finally completed its partial reopening plan. I say “partial” because non-immersion elementary-school students returned to school for 81 fewer minutes a day than pre-pandemic. When the school day is only 5.5 hours long, including lunch,...

Letter: County Board will need to decide on its priorities

Editor: As Arlington County Board members are debating if they should rezone the districts to make for more affordable housing, it is inevitable that the community would see a clash between “advocates of affordable housing and residents of single-family...

Letter: Intergenerational connections pay big dividends

Editor: I am currently taking a sociology course in college, where I have been learning a lot about various sociologists and different aspects of community. After reading the Sun Gazette article about Arlington aiming to ramp up intergenerational activities in...

Letter: Antibody therapy remains underutilized COVID tool

Editor: The nation is celebrating the development of vaccines to protect against COVID-19. While some who contract the virus will not suffer serious consequences, those with risk factors should be aware of the miraculous therapies that are now available. When...
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Letter: Del. Simon lives his values, aids his community

Editor: In your Oct. 21 Fairfax legislative-races endorsements, you claim that the Del. Marcus Simon (D-53rd) is “disconnected from...
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