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‘Old School’ column: Logging time with catalogs

I’m seeing and hearing a lot of flap lately about toys and other items being in short supply, so we’d better shop early.

Letter: Va. can do more to protect public from pollution

Editor: I read with disappointment that the Arlington County Board declined to declare a climate emergency , passing up an opportunity to advance the county’s health, energy and economic interests. Fortunately, the board has another immediate opportunity to act, by...

Editorial: Spare us another legislative election

Were he a betting man, Del. Alfonso Lopez told a gathering of seasoned local Democrats recently, he’d wager that the courts will rule that Virginia must hold yet another election for all 100 seats in the House of Delegates...

‘Old School’ column: No, thanks

Now that we’ve thrown out those rotting pumpkins, or maybe left them for the animals as suggested in various online posts, we’re ready to embrace fall.

Editorial: Oh, boo hoo hoo for school boards

Get those tiny violins out – we’re holding the world’s smallest “pity party” today! On a front page of The Washington Post last week was an above-the-fold story down the left that, at least based on a scan of the...

Letter: Initiative works to make politics more inclusive

Editor: The first time I was told that politics would not be a good fit for me was in a meeting with my academic adviser regarding political internships. It was during my sophomore year of college. She made it...

Letter: APS boundary process doesn’t put needs of youth first

Editor: Arlington Public Schools (APS) recently sent out a message stating that “social-emotional learning” and mental health are “priorities.” Unfortunately, the mental health of kids in our neighborhood does not seem to be a priority for APS. The school system...

‘Old School’ column: Visiting veterans

year. It’s the brainchild of my classmate, Judge Jim Osborne, and is called the Indiana Military Museum, in Vincennes, Ind.

Editorial: Relax; divided government works just fine

Political partisans across Virginia probably woke up on Nov. 3 up with hangovers (albeit for different reasons, depending on whether one was a Republican or a Democrat). But for the typical Virginian, leaving aside the politics, good times appear...

Editorial: Kadera commits unforced error even before her election

In the week before the election, when most political savants had divined the way the wind was blowing, the Democratic endorsee for Arlington School Board – Mary Kadera – thought it a good idea to send out a social-media...
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Arlington man arrested after supermarket shooting

Fairfax County police have charged a 33-year-old Arlington man in connection with a shooting that occurred Nov. 20 at...
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