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ArlingtonArlington officials: 'Leaf' it to us, we'll collect them!

Arlington officials: ‘Leaf’ it to us, we’ll collect them!

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That “giant sucking sound” you’ll be hearing in coming weeks across Arlington is not the government reaching into your wallets (although that’s always a good guess), but rather tons and tons of leaves being vacuumed up from local neighborhoods.

About 50,000 cubic yards of leaves are expected to be removed as part of the Arlington County government’s efforts this fall, with all neighborhoods receiving two passes.

“Months ahead, staff analyzes historic data, tree types and density, weather forecasts, state forestry forecasts and resident feedback to develop the leaf-collection schedule,” county officials said.

The collected leaves are turned into mulch, which is made available to county residents for pickup without charge. (Or it can be delivered for a nominal fee.)


Leaf collection will run from Nov. 14 into December, taking place Mondays through Saturdays with the exception of Thanksgiving.

Full rules about preparing leaves for collection can be found on the government’s Website at arlingtonva.us; local residents are asked not to park on piled-up leaves because of the fire hazard involved.

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