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ArlingtonArlington History, 2/17/22 edition

Arlington History, 2/17/22 edition

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News that was making news in years gone by.

February 10, 1939:

** Key Bridge has reopened to vehicular traffic after renovation, cheering Rosslyn merchants.

** The Arlington County Democratic Committee has rejected a call from the Arlington County Women’s Democratic Club to provide equal representation of the sexes on local Democratic committees.


** Seaweed is becoming an increasing problem on the Potomac River.

** A Sun editorial criticizes the “selfishness and shortsightedness” of those opposing sidewalks on Washington Boulevard.

February 7, 1962:

** Fallout shelters to accommodate 40,000 Arlington residents will be in place by the end of the year, with future plans calling for enough space for all county residents.

** Arlington mothers are being invited to attend a 10-week course on dealing with their teenagers.

** Washington-Lee High School is holding a program on an innovative way to play the violin.

February 7, 1969:

** School Board members plan to vote in March on whether to allow students to smoke on high school campuses.

** More than 40 people are under consideration to succeed Superintendent Ray Reid.

** U.S. Rep. Joel Broyhill, R-10th, is urging President Nixon to use the Army to patrol D.C. streets until crime rates are reduced.

** The University of Virginia is planning a summer program aimed at aiding minority students in qualifying to attend law school.

February 6, 1975:

** The state Senate has approved a bill expanding the types of crimes punishable by death.

** The House of Delegates has passed legislation making the use of a weapon in commission of a crime a separate felony.

** Peoples Drug has a one-pound, heart-shaped box of Whitman’s chocolates ready for Valentine’s Day at a cost of $3.16.

** To improve its cash flow, VEPCO may start sending out electric bills monthly, rather than every other month as is now the case.

** At the movies: “Airport 1975”; “Swiss Family Robinson”; and, for you dirty-birdies, “Campus Pussycats” and “Deep Throat II.”

February 8, 1988:

** County Manager Anton Gardner’s proposed $342.6 million budget is up 5.9 percent from the current spending plan.

** “Ask Beth” replies to a 16-year-old girl asking if it’s OK to be dating a 14-year-old boy. Her response? It depends on the circumstances.

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