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ArlingtonArlington GOP ramping up effort to connect with voters

Arlington GOP ramping up effort to connect with voters

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They are still on the lookout for local candidates, but the Arlington County Republican Committee also is working to connect with prospective supporters.

“There are thousands of Republican voters who turn out on Election Day but who are otherwise unengaged with the Arlington GOP,” party communications chair Matthew Hurtt said. “We can change that.”

The local party is asking its rank-and-file to commit to contacting GOP-leaning local residents ahead of its April 28 meeting, inviting them to participate.

“We can provide you with a script and a manageable list,” Hurtt said. “Our goal is to double participation in the Arlington GOP through the 2022 mid-term election. If you and I can do that, we will eclipse the efforts of the Democrats right here in deep-blue Arlington.”


As was the case with Arlington Democrats after the surprise loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016, the loss of Donald Trump in 2020 seemed to galvanize local Republicans both to get more active and to put aside intra-party feuding that had been a staple of the Trump era.

That effort paid off in 2021, when local Republicans ran a full slate of Republican candidates for House of Delegates seats. While none won – or even came particularly close – having candidates on the ballot helped encourage fence-sitting GOPers to jump in and help out. And that seemed to help boost the fortunes of the Republican statewide ticket, which went three-for-three last November with narrow statewide wins.

Republicans remain on the hunt for a County Board candidate and are attempting to recruit someone to run for the nominally independent post of School Board.

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