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ArlingtonArlington Electoral Board taps new chair, appoints election officers

Arlington Electoral Board taps new chair, appoints election officers

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It’s a changing of the guard at the Arlington Electoral Board, as Kim Phillip was elected to chair the body for the next year.

“I’m very excited,” Phillip said after being elected to succeed Matt Weinstein to chair the three-member panel. She will serve at least through next February.

Weinstein, who like Phillip is a Democrat on the body, turned over the reins because, come December, he will depart when Republicans pick up a second seat due to the election of Glenn Youngkin as governor. State law requires electoral boards to be composed of two members of the governor’s party, one from the opposing party.

Weinstein will serve as vice chair for the remainder of his term, while Republican Scott McGeary will retain his post as secretary.


(Fun fact: While none of the three members is getting rich out of the position, the secretary slot is paid about twice what the other two positions receive, due to the larger number of statutory requirements for the person who holds it.)

Come the end of 2022, the Arlington County Republican Committee will send a short list of prospective Electoral Board members to the Circuit Court. Chief Judge William Newman Jr. will make the final decision.

Electoral Board members serve for three-year terms.

Phillip was appointed to her Electoral Board seat at the end of 2020, succeeding fellow Democrat Charlene Bickford.

“Kim has done very well, bringing her community background to bear” on discussions, McGeary said.

(McGeary also praised Weinstein’s year as chair; “he served very well, brought great experience” to the position, the Electoral Board secretary said.)

The election of Youngkin last November means that, for the first time in eight years, all the 100-plus electoral boards in Virginia soon will see a switch from two Democrats and one Republican to two Republicans and one Democrat.

“That’s the way the system works,” Weinstein said philosophically.

Weinstein and Phillip each have been active in local and regional Democratic politics. “She’s been wonderful to work with,” Weinstein said.

At their Feb. 5 meeting, Electoral Board members also formally appointed hundreds of election officers for 2022, drawing from a list of more than 3,000 applicants.

“We’re so fortunate,” Weinstein said of the large pool of aspirants. “We have continuity and experience and know-how.”

While the county’s elections office has plenty of people for available election-officer slots, “we always welcome more people to apply,” McGeary said.

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