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ArlingtonPoliticsArlington Democrats rip Younkgin transgender-policy revisions

Arlington Democrats rip Younkgin transgender-policy revisions

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The Arlington County Democratic Committee on Oct. 5 formally denounced the Youngkin administration’s plan to revamp Virginia Department of Education guidelines on transgender students that had been put in place during the governorship of Ralph Northam.

Committee members voted, seemingly unanimously, to support a resolution calling for the Northam-era guidelines to be retained. Party chair Steve Baker said Youngkin was working to “intensify the cultural wars” in the nation.

Supporters of the proposed change, which now is in a public-comment period, said it will return parental involvement in the lives of their children – a major theme of Youngkin’s successful bid for governor last year. Critics say it will put Virginia youth who identify as transgender – total number unknown – at further risk.

The Democratic resolution will be submitted to state education officials for inclusion in the record, Baker said.


If the guideline-change is enacted, it could put some local school districts (including Arlington’s) at loggerheads, again, with the Youngkin administration. Arlington school leaders have said they aim to continue following the Northam-era policy.

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