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Thursday, December 8, 2022
ArlingtonAPS to add sexting as offense for which police are brought in

APS to add sexting as offense for which police are brought in

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Even as Arlington school leaders attempt to keep a policing presence out of their buildings wherever feasible, state law requires administrators to report a host of offenses to law enforcement.

To adhere to it, School Board members on March 10 are slated to add the posting of nude images or videos of minors to the list of offenses that must be reported to law-enforcement authorities.

The Code of Virginia prohibits the posting, distributing, displaying or sharing of material of a sexual nature among youth, and the wording will be added to the county school system’s student code of conduct.

It is among a bevy of policy changes – some minor, others perhaps not so much – that are being considered by School Board members at their March 10 meeting. It seems school leaders do not expect any of them to draw public comment, as the package has been placed on the “consent agenda” for theoretically non-controversial items.


Virginia school districts are required under state law to bring in law enforcement for a host of infractions in their buildings, ranging from drug and alcohol sales to sexual assault to threats against the school. School leaders, who in Arlington for the past two years have been working to reduce or eliminate police presence in schools, have no discretion on the matter, as they would on other matters, such as drug or alcohol possession among students.

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