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FairfaxBusinessAnnual Valor Awards laud public-safety personnel

Annual Valor Awards laud public-safety personnel

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Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce officials on March 31 honored police, fire-and-rescue and Sheriff’s Office employees for their outstanding acts of public protection.

More than 600 people attended the 44th annual Fairfax County Valor Awards, held at the Hyatt Regency Reston. The Reston chamber has hosted the event in recent years after taking over from the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

“We are thrilled to have been able to resume the Fairfax Valor Awards as a live, in-person event for the first time since 2019,” said Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Charles Kapur in a statement released by the chamber.

“The Valor Awards is a reminder of our local community’s respect and appreciation for those who create a safe environment for all of us to live, work, and play,” Kapur said.


The ceremony since its inception in 1979 has honored public-safety workers with the Fairfax County Police Department, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office, Vienna and Herndon police departments and Virginia State Police. Vienna police did not have any recipients this year.

The chamber bestowed awards in these categories:

GOLD AWARDS: Fairfax County Police Department: Majs. Eli Cory and Dalton Becker; Capts. Ryan Morgan, Wilson Lee and Brendan Hooke; 2nd Lts. Christopher Crawford, Gordon Sloan, Anthony Lampe, Richard Cash, John Bryant, James Tanler, Andrew Wright and Edward Rediske; Detectives Sergio Andrade, Jonathan Lung and Stacey Wells; Sgts. Ali Sepehri, Kendall Jones, Sameer Khan and Brandon Grayson; Master Police Officers (MPOs) Paul Woods, Mark Gleason, Joseph Poirier, Jonathan Loesch and Sean McGlone; Police Officers First Class Enoch Green, Nicholas Kirsch, Jacob Gibson, Christopher Lincoln, John Daugherty, Steven Malloch, Brian Donoghue, Roberto Castillo, Thomas Champ, Michael Gunstrom, Michael Tokarski, Joseph Hensley, James Jones, Eugenia Metzger, Joelah Bruccoleri, Steven Monahan, Matthew Halvordson, Lane Leisey, Eric Acevedo and Jacob Meighen.

SILVER AWARDS: Fairfax County Police Department: 2nd Lts. Michael Crutchman and John Turner; Sgts. John Donohue and Kent Bailey; Police Officers First Class Dale Drewry, Christopher Duzen, Michael Gunstrom, Thomas Todd, Ricardo Umanzor, Gregory Eltringham, Jonathan Lowery & K9 Copper, and Trevor Jenkins; and Officer Austin Rustick.

BRONZE AWARDS: Fairfax County Police Department: 2nd Lt. Christopher Crawford; MPOs Mario Colorado and Jose Morillo; Police Officers First Class Christopher Lincoln, Karl Mohn and Kyle Albert and Officer Luke Mundt. Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office: Master Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Barb and Private First Class (Pfc.)Angel Romero.

CERTIFICATES OF VALOR: Fairfax County Police Department: Lts. Christopher Sharp and K9 Jack, and Eric Ivancic; 2nd Lts. Sharon Perry, Quang Bui, Michael Mittiga, Jonathan Nytes, Todd Sweeney, Michael Crutchman, Matthew Luik, William Arnest, Shannon W. Massey, Bradley Metz and Edward Rediske.
Sergeants who received awards were Michael Comer, Michael Lentz, Aaron Pfeiff, Kent Bailey, Michael Boyle, John Sykes, David Faulk, Timothy Schillling, Keith Shook and Gregory Salino; MPOs Christopher Munson, Pamela Williams, Eugene Cooper and K9 Indy, Victor Cruz, Steven Faett, Michael Gibbons, Eric Crago, Brian Walley, Michael Morris, Richard Cruger, John DiGiulian, Lance Guckenberger, William Williamson, Paul DeHaven, Tammy Russell, Steven Carroll and Sean P. McGlone.

Honored Police Officers First Class were Kevin Bonanno, Nathan Updike, Christopher Walczyk, Victoria Bosch, Avery Brunk, Darrell Haley, Avery Brunk, Matthew Schafer, Devin White, Leslie Schmitt, Christopher Godfrey, Justin Robson, Mark Greatheart, Victoria Bosch, Kyle Bork, Jose Morillo, Jared Reeves, Michael Rowe, Katelynn Bullock, Ryan Hirsch, Cassandra Zamora, Stephen D. Sykes, Darrell Haley, Brooks Gillingham, Ashley Block, Gregory Salino, Joseph Schlenz, Matthew Siraguse, Amanda Wallace Petty, Christopher Duzen, Alyson Russo, Dustin Granofsky and K9 Lennie, Kathleen O’Leary and Michael Gibbons.

Other honored Police Officers First Class were James Thur, Thomas Murphy Jr., James Rattal, Pierre Bidja Abossolo, Carolina Oliver, Michael Leung, Ryan Quarto, Michael DiLuccio, Joshua M. Moser, Eric Acevedo, Nicholas Taormina, Morgan Blumer, Vincent Pullicino, Aaron Anderson, Laura Mahr, Jeffrey Carroll, Katlin Wood, Kyle (William) Hauptman, Timothy Wilson, Nathan Musser, Benjamin Weaver, Jose Morillo, Huy LeBang, Bayron Reneau Gudiel, Kevin Rosa, David Neil, Matthew Rosenberg, Ricardo Umanzor, Jake Everett, Rachel Rohr, Kyle W. Suter, Tyler Welch, Michael Schmeltz, Jacob Pearce and Timothy J. Wilson.

Also honored were Officers Selah Rash, Peter Marra, Fady Zaki, Selah Rash and Tomas Miranda Otero; Master Animal Protection Police Officer Enna Lugo, Chaplains Michael Shochet and Ike Hendershot, Dr. Craig DeAtley, Detectives Courtney Young and Jessica L. Digirolamo, and pilot Garrett Wymer.

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department: Capt. Jack Macinyak, Master Technician Peter Torres and Technician Joseph Shipman. Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office: Pfcs. Morgan Walker and Joseph McKenna. Herndon Police Department: Officer Kelyn Diaz. Virginia State Police: Troopers Joseph Lowe and Matthew Spalding.

LIFESAVING AWARDS: Fairfax County Police Department: Lt. Kevin Shaw; 2nd Lts. Jennifer Basham and Bradley Woehrlen; Sgt. Rafael Fortiz; MPOs Steven Atkins, Mark Mills, Craig Guyton, Eric Harte, Brian Buckholtz, Thomas Eggers and Gregory S. Moss; Officers Abdulla Al Baiati, Thomas Dean and Casey Hughes; and Pilot Matthew Hobbs.

Honored Police Officers First Class were Andrew McPherson, Joseph Hensley, John Bell, Kyle Bork, Chase Briggs, Jacob Jackson, Vincent Escobar, John Goodspeed, Mark Greatheart, Alan Hanks, Ryan Wever, Lindsey Memenza, Melanie Todd, Daniel Houtz, Nathan Van Husen, Morgan Blumer, Geoff Carrigan, Huy Lebang, Vincent Vella and Gershon Ramirez.

Fairfax County Department of Public Safety: Dispatcher Kelly Henry and call takers Drew Hergen and Elizabeth Valcourt. Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department: Master Technicians Brian Bonifas and Ian Kelly, Lt. Vitor Rocha, firefighter Carlton Yancey and Technician Jacob Hartka.

Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office: 2nd. Lt. Marcus Medina; Sgts. Thomas Boyden, George Shammas and Daniel Robles; Master Deputy Sheriffs Aaron Waple and Mario Torres; Pfcs. Carlos Guevara, Joseph Moratto, Bryan Redd, Michael Woloschek, Carlos Guevara, Hunter Daugherty, Brenden Yunger and Dawit Arboleda; Correctional Health Nurses (CHN) I Selome Abebe, Phidol Conteh, Betty Edwards, Sophia McGill, Jacky Mukuna, Hyunjung Park, Meskerem Atommsa and Henrietta Dedo; CHN II Samuel Osafo and Samuel Osafo; CHN III Charles Antwi and Christine Kent; and Dr. Janet Wurie.

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