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FairfaxEducation13-year-old gets perfect 800 on math portion of SAT

13-year-old gets perfect 800 on math portion of SAT

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Rushil Kukreja, a McLean resident who just turned 13, took the SAT for the first time in June and earned a perfect score of 800 in the math section and a 740 in reading and writing, for a total score of 1540.

The score ranked him in the top 1 percent of 11th- and 12th-graders nationwide – even though he just finished eighth grade.

The SAT contains curriculum for grades 11 and 12, and most students who take the test are in those grades. Rushil wanted to take the SAT early and prepared on his own using free online resources.

“He had originally planned to take the test in August 2021, but the College Board had changed the rules so that only students older than 13 could take the test,” said his father, Gaurav Kukreja. “He therefore decided to wait until the first test that he could register for, which was in June 2022, less than two months after he turned 13.”

Long a straight-A student, Rushil skipped third grade and went to fourth. He recently attended Longfellow Middle School in McLean and is a rising freshman at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology. Rushil already completed pre-calculus in eighth grade and will take Advanced Placement Calculus BC as a freshman in high school.

Since an early age, Rushil has participated in multiple contests at the local, state and national levels, where he won top prizes. He has been named eight times to the National Honor Roll in the Noetic Learning Math Contest, won the Johns Hopkins Grand Honors Award and received second place in the nationwide Aloha Math Contest.

Though Rushil’s favorite school are math and science, he always has been interested in history, politics and economics, his family said. In his free time, he swims and plays tennis and chess.

“Rushil feels that there is so much to learn and does not like to keep himself bound to just a single thing, wanting his visions wide and horizons far,” his father said. “He desires to become a patent attorney so that he can help foster technology innovation.”

Rushil’s mother is Rupinder Kukreja. He also has a 9-year-old sister, Riyanshi.

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