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Sunday, February 5, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Social media snares another one

Editor’s Notebook: Social media snares another one

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An anchor for WTTG (Fox 5) got himself suspended last week for some comments on social media about the prioritization of COVID vaccinations.

I do not want to put words in the mouth of Blake McCoy, but the gist of his comments seemed to be that there are people (like him) going to work every day who have to wait in line while those who are obese qualify as having a medical condition and get to jump the line.

(Close enough, I think.)

As one who is both a media type who is deemed essential (how would the other media outlets and government leaders know what was going on in Northern Virginia if I wasn’t here….) and one who is a member of the Clean Plate Society (albeit with no underlying health issues), I can see both sides of the matter.


Seems fair that priority is going to those who could end up in the hospital and/or at death’s door from COVID infection, and if we follow the science (not happening with school-reopening but that’s another subject), it seems like those who are over a certain girth are decidedly more imperiled.

So yes, this media person doing the typing here has no problem with others moving closer to the front of the line.

That said, really, McCoy needed to be suspended over voicing his opinion on this? C’mon, general managers of TV stations, do something admittedly rare but refreshing when it happens: Stand up the the social-media rabble for a change. Show some backbone. (I was going to say the word that rhymes with “falls” but mama taught me better.)

In the words of 1960s folk singer Barry McGuire in “Eve of Destruction”: “This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’ …” And getting more so by the day.

STOP WITH THE SCARE TACTICS: It appears the Metro system is back to scaring the public with threats of station closures, and much of the lesser media is playing ball to ramp up the hysteria.

Move along, nothing to see here. The Biden administration will make sure public-transit agencies get more than enough funny money to keep on rolling.

Had Trump won re-election, he would have, too; there’s no drug more powerful than the ability to print unlimited piles of cash with the knowledge that that resulting economic collapse won’t occur until some other sucker is seated in the Oval Office.

– Scott McCaffrey

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